Is your restaurant ready
to thrive in a whole

new world?

Start selling your menu items online within minutes and offer simple online ordering for takeout or delivery.

Open up a new revenue stream with an in-house online ordering and delivery system. This will help you reach more customers and increase your profitability by as much as 30 percent.


Device-friendly interface

It seamlessly integrates mobile ordering as well as tablet based ordering as a part of the Online ordering system. Customers place orders directly from your restaurant website using our built in software widget, custom made for your brand. If your customers are on a mobile phone or tablet, their experience is tailored for that screen size without the need to download any apps (fully responsive).

Facebook Ordering

How can Your customers miss out on «Facebook Ordering». Our Facebook App allows customers to order right from your Facebook page. Turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers eating every delicious bite on Facebook with payment integration.

Real Time Analytics

Generate custom reports on T&M basis, make strategic decisions based on the results and take your business to the next levels. From the sales reports to what your customers like the most is available in our Online Ordering For Restaurants Complete package.

Multilingual Support

Get the language freedom with Restolabs multilingual support for your customers. It is not just online ordering but comfort ordering.

On-the-go Ordering

Just copy and paste the online ordering widget onto your restaurant website, and start taking orders today.

Loyalty Points

Why just have Fans why not have «Raving Fans» who are rewarded everytime they make a purchase, be it Mobile Ordering, Facebook Ordering or Online Ordering, your customers should always be rewarded .

Coupon Management

Our coupon code generator allows your Online ordering system to intelligently offer customer specific coupons or new product release coupons.


Engage your existing customers with e-mail, newsletters and specials, the online ordering system allows customers to avail promotional coupons on signing up to the website.

Build your own Branded Mobile Ordering App for your restaurant that will take the convenience of online ordering and put it in your customer’s hands wherever they are. Your own branded mobile app works on all popular platforms be it Android or iOS. Stay ahead of the competition curve and always remind your customers to do business with you with a continuing, private, branded presence on their smartphone.

How it works

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1.Customer picks his preferences.
2.Customer select items from menu.
3.Customer fills his checkout information.
4.Customer enters card details or select pay at delivery or pay at pick up.
5.Order sent to the restaurant.

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1.View an order on the system dashboard.
2.View the order on email.
3.Get an automated phone call.
4.Get instant message after every order.
5.Get an automated printout to your printer.